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What's New For the 2021 Toyota Highlander?

The Toyota Highlander adds a new trim level in 2021 called the XSE. The XSE joins the Highlander family in the middle of the range. It is one of the sportier variants in the Highlander lineup, with plenty of unique exterior styling cues. The XSE also contains a few interior upgrades, including navigation, to give you a more upscale and connected ride. The Toyota Highlander is also available as a hybrid, which is called the 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The hybrid does not have many substantive changes this year.


Find The Perfect Car in 2021

If there's one automaker known for producing a diverse array of vehicles, Toyota is it. And in 2021, the Toyota lineup is even more varied and exciting than before. At our dealership, you'll find the freshest selection of Toyota vehicles right off the assembly line. There are many quality and notable cars available from Toyota, including sedans and crossovers to trucks and SUVs.


Why Is My Car Shaking?

It can be difficult to know what to do if your car suddenly starts to shake while you're driving on the highway. Most people are unaware of what issues cause the vehicle to shake, making it difficult to fix without a certified technician's help. If you want to know the cause of the problem, consult our service team to ensure the issue is properly addressed.