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Is There a Recall on Your Toyota?

There are occasions when the auto manufacturer needs to make an update, repair, or replace a particular part, for safety reasons, and that is the primary cause of a recall. A recall happens to millions of vehicles and the notification process is required, without exception. However, with so many vehicles on the road, it's hard to determine which one has had a recall actually completed and which one has not. In order to help you determine if there is a recall pending for your vehicle, Joe Myers Toyota is prepared with the data to verify your vehicle identification number (VIN).

Complete the form inside to obtain the most up-to-date recall information about your vehicle!


2019 Toyota Sienna Review

The Toyota Sienna is a popular minivan that's filled with comfortable amenities and high-tech features. It's currently in its third generation. For the 2019 model, Toyota has included some minor upgrades. These include a more feature-rich infotainment center and a more capable version of one of its most popular builds.


What's New for the 2019 Toyota Highlander?

The 2019 Toyota Highlander will arrive with numerous features that drivers look forward to. Expect bold styling with headlights and a tailored grille for each trim model. There is also a trim model that fits just about every lifestyle. Each Highlander trim arrives with a handsome interior and exterior to match.